Take Me Deeper.

In morning’s grey light,

I became present, made aware of

Your majesty in roaring waves.

As You spoke, the tide

responded to the gentle wind’s urging,

growing in boldness to approach.

Walking back, a single destination

was met by many paths –

so I chose.

The earth below gave way

to a happy two;

You knew.

Two birds You cared for made

their love public,

hovering together in fluttering bliss.

As they hopped, I walked

alongside their joy –

both loving the path we chose.


Treading Water.

The storm around calls to the end of all breath,

the watery gallows roar.

Without any hope, all that remains is just death –

its call we try to ignore.

We tread amongst sharks stalking all around,

water approaching the neck.

A cry, a plea, a shout, yet no sound

for in ocean, we’re just but a speck.

He calls to us, invites us to walk on the waves

if only we’ll trust and believe.

The water’s below our feet, for He saves

as we now His warmth do receive.

At times, we may slip and fall back into wet

silent waters, but lest we forget;

He found us in those dark depths of the storm

and has never let go of us yet.