Bedside Seasons.

When the summer fades,

Autumn paints in shades of

Red and yellow.

The leaves become crisp

As does the air –

Filling hearts with

Yearning for warmth.

Leaves are gathered,

And scarves are donned.

Light softly shines

Filling each day with just enough

Life to be thankful for,

As well as turkey and pumpkin pie.

Seek no solace in winter.

It lays us in bed, moaning,

Causing our bones to ache,

Seeking warmth not for comfort,

But survival.

We long to speak, but

the chill clasps our mouths shut.

Our eyes grow dim, as we

Put on masks to face the cold.

As we slowly step out the door,

We know not what the day has for us –

We know not if there will be a day.


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