The Grapefruit.

So, today after a warm family meal – we had hot pot – my parents and I decided to partake in some citrus fruits for dessert.  We split a pomelo betwixt the three of us, and we proceeded to sample what intricate flavors it would present us with.  At first, expectations of “sour,” “bitter,” “grapefruity,” swirled around in my mind, but once my taste buds oriented themselves, I was met pleasantly with “sweet,” “orangey,” and “mildly bitter.” After we murmured with citrus-filled mouths about how it was much better than expected, we moved swiftly to devour the lot of it.  However, there was another, LARGER, grapefruit that lay in store, and apparently it was retrieved from the harvests of…somewhere around home church.  To the eye, it looked appealing, but on the inside, we had yet to find out.  My mom commented every now and then about how it looked nice and that it must be pretty good given its size and how it looks.  My dad retorted with looks mean nothing in the universe of fruits (okay, perhaps that had a little more panache than the actual statement, but it’s fairly close).  I watched as the mild taste of soap lingered on my tongue from the first fruit, like a numb bitterness that is tucked away in the back of the mind; it was like the white noise of the taste bud realm.  My parents eventually began talking about how horrible the fruit was, and my dad remarked that it tasted of gasoline, but he continued to finish the piece despite my mom’s frantic exclamations persuading otherwise.  I decided to join in on the fun, and I was met with something that threw my taste buds awry.  The first taste of the fruit seemed almost savory, and then the bitterness began to kick in exponentially, ultimately landing me somewhere between jet fuel and dank memes.  We all ended up laughing about how terrible the fruit was, and it proved to be an interestingly positive way to end such a negative corporeal occurrence.

In some way, that grapefruit might be me. Kidding, this was just an attempt to slowly inch my way back to writing more consistently; those types of absurd reflections on parallels shall come eventually! It’s nice being back, and it’s nice not having finals 🙂


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