Summer Project.

It’s been a while since I’ve lasted posted, but hopefully getting back into the swing of things will allow me to carry it over to what my title is referring to: my summer project.  Now, since I’ve been collecting money for the AACF service auction that we had to support missions, I’ve been thinking about the AACF auctions I have yet to fulfill.  I have started working on the story for DSol, but it’s nowhere near where I’d like it.  I’ve barely scratched the surface of the daily devotional book that I wanted to write. All of these things are going to be things that I’m hoping to work on over the summer. However, it is the story for DSol that most interests me.

The idea for the story first came about a year or so ago perhaps, but it has left an indelible impression on my mind in terms of the story’s premise.  I am not going to reveal the idea for it at all because I feel like if I do, I will compromise the integrity of my desire to write and finish the story.  Nevertheless, the story is interesting because I feel like if I pursue it until the end, it will be the first full novel that I will have written since my short story in ninth grade that was published.  The laziness that is mingled with trepidation has slowly been taking over, and what was once a clear vision of the story’s conclusion has become but a nostalgic haze.  Even as my discipline to go to the gym has waned, it seems it has taken a hold on all other areas of discipline in my life as well.  I guess this post was my attempt – though looking back now, it seems rather feeble – to try and fight back the fog and reclaim my rusting art in hopes that my vitality might be restored me.  More to come later, I hope, or else I shall be in a pitiful condition with regards to my literary composition.


2 thoughts on “Summer Project.

  1. Hello, my name is Susie, and like you, I write. Anything from poetry, both formal and informal, short stories, and memoirs. I am looking to connect with other writers.
    As of yet, my blog site: isn’t really setup yet. Haven’t found the right theme, and don’t know the other ins and outs of setting up a wordpress blog and web page.
    I’m interested to know how long it took you to set up your site?
    I am also a Christian, but my site is going to be short memoirs about my life before Christ came into the picture. So some of my memoirs have an “edge” to them language-wise. I would like to follow you, but am not sure how to. Maybe you could give me some insights?

    Anyway, happy writing, and best of luck on your blogs and writings.

    Susie Sargis

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    1. Hi Susie! Wow, that’s awesome 🙂 I’m so glad to hear that! It actually didn’t take me much time to set up my site; I just use one of the default themes on WordPress, and I just try to let my work speak in place of my site’s lack in visual aesthetics! I’m probably going to try and learn more about WordPress and using it, so I will try to let you know if I can help at all!
      God bless, and good luck with sharing your life experiences!


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