Summer Stuck.

As I start sinking slowly and snugly into summer’s warm embrace, I let out a gasp before it completely seals my mouth.  Not too long ago, I deleted two WordPress drafts because I felt they weren’t good enough, too prideful of my work to let anything I personally deemed “good enough” to reach the public.  How quickly I forget that it was those posts that I wrote from last year, good and bad, that furthered my ability as a writer to propel my thoughts into black on white.  Over summer, I begin to succumb to a kind of reliance upon inspired writing as I was in the habit of doing when I was in high school; it could be anywhere from a day to three months’ time before I got back to working on my craft, chalking it up to not being able to write well enough if it was forced.  In practicing what we start getting good at, it seems that we, having tasted what it is like to succeed, only desire success and forget about the earnest pursuit of our end goal.  Having accomplished that goal, the joie de vivre of learning slowly dissipates into something that we wistfully reflect on.  And while this is a fairly short post, hopefully it is decent of a reminder to myself to never stop chasing, and to never stop writing.  Taking this attitude on in my life is briefly summarized by this statement: never stop, except to take a breath.  The race of life isn’t something that we go through running fast until the end; there are so many odd loops and unexpected turns to it that only the enduring find themselves succeeding.  To endure and to learn go hand in hand, and if I can’t be bothered to suffer momentary pitfalls – and realize that climbing out of holes is strengthening me – and periodic stumbling, then I just pray that God gives me the persistence in all things, so that it may be applied to my pursuit of Himself.


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