Invited by Redeeming Love.

Invited by redeeming love
Before the throne of God above”

– Rend Collective Experiment, “Boldly I Approach”

As I was meditating on the topic of grace, which I’ve been doing in recent times, I came upon the verse Luke 15:10, which reads: “Just so, I tell you, there is joy before the angels of God over one sinner who repents,” and it gave me pause.  I read the verse many times before, but the frame of mind in regards to considering grace put a slightly different perspective on the verse.  This time around thinking on the verse, the power of redemption really stuck out to me.  By grace, lives have been delivered from their former darkness, but the extent of that salvation does not end simply on Earth; even the angels rejoice as they see the will of God manifesting itself to further reveal the depths of His love.  The power of redemption is such that it allows us to approach the throne of God whereas in any other circumstance, our mortal striving would amount to consistent failure, an eternal undershooting of the mark.  It displaces us from the former paradigm of working towards an end goal, and places us far beyond any previously attainable accomplishment.  The invitation is extended to all, but because of a mysterious love, we still have the choice to take the invitation or not.  And yet, when we make the choice to invite Him into our lives, the very hosts of the heavenly realm exult in the occurrence.  While I’m not any closer to gaining a different understanding of grace, it was a refreshing reminder of how little we actually do in the way of the eternal will, and how incredible it is to be redeemed, both in the process and the consequence. 


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