Small Ann.

I was struggling for the longest time (maybe half a week or so) deciding what to write about for my 200th blog post here at “A Poet in a World of Prose.” Many things came to mind, yet an angel came into my life today, so I decidedly chose to write about her.

As I finally came to the head of the line at Panda Express to place my order, the waitress asks in mellifluous tone what I would like.  Mildly taken aback by the subtle cheer within the timbre of her voice, I looked away from the glowing orange chicken to observe what stood before me.  Average height, brunette, Panda Express cap.  Name tag says ‘ANNETTE’.

Can I get a box with chow mein?

She then proceeds to fill the allocation for the side dish far beyond full.  Just when I thought she was done filling it, she takes the serving tongs right back and grasps another bundle of glistening chow mein.

And what would you like for your entree?

Can I get orange chicken and teriyaki?

Her deft hands proceeded to swoop down not once, not twice, but three glorious times, dipping into the orange chicken tray and filling another small segment of the take-out box beyond the brim.  With the teriyaki chicken, the knife seemed stuck in a state of perpetual motion until the box was near bursting at the figurative seams.  In an uncertain, awe-filled voice, I dared to ask for kung-pao chicken to make use of my receipt-coupon.  What proceeded afterwards was breathtaking.

With her magical serving tongs, she appeared to stuff half a box of kung-pao chicken into the typically small third entree box.  I almost shed a tear as my heart acknowledged the tremendous gratitude cascading down upon it.

The world is full of devilish men like me.  We sin as easily as we breathe.  Our every action is one of self-service, only seeking to sate the insatiable desire for pleasure within our hearts.  And yet, we have angels on Earth like sweet Annette at Panda Express, understanding our strivings with hunger, and fending off the famine with their hearts of pure generosity.


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