In 2014.

As the new year rolls in, people around the world (or perhaps only in America) resolve to change certain things about them in the upcoming year, usually in the vein of self-improvement.  For me, I haven’t been able to successfully fulfill my resolution until last year, when I was able to churn out a poem and an essay per week.  This year, again in the interest of advancing my writing skills, I resolve to do more leisure reading and forcefully remove myself from the internet and mobile devices.  God has a funny way of revealing things to us when He decides that we are ready, and so I hope that He reveals a lot to me through the stillness of reading.  The goal is to be able to read things and have complex thoughts about them, then try and see if I can’t find the simple truths buried deep within.  Not only will this effectively improve my comprehension of literature, but it also allows me to gain deeper comprehension into the way that life is run.  With a bit of a bitterness towards my former hopeless romanticism, I have no doubts that this year will be a year of God-driven realism; I just pray that He still finds some way to make my life as colorful and vivid as it was before.  Here’s to a blessed 2014!

I’d also like to conclude with a  word to my readers (which, as pompous as it may seem, is as heartfelt as it can be given the nature of our relationship). Thank you all for encouraging me daily with your likes and also the rare comments; you have no idea how incredible it is when you see that people around the world can be moved by what I am experiencing worlds apart.  I hope you all can find a way to improve yourselves, whether spiritually or practically, for the non-religious.  In any event, the mindset of self-improvement is an encouraging one because it shows that, at least at some point of the year, you had faith in the possibility that you could be changed.  And faith is the revelation of things unseen.  So this year, keep that in mind as you do your best to strive towards your goal, and I’ll be here, writing about my own struggles to attain some of my goals as well.


– Ben


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