Goodbye, 2013.

As 2013 draws to a close, I muse upon it and see it as the only year that I’ve been able to keep my New Year’s Resolution of writing one poem and one other piece per week.  Although I’m not too sure how it has helped me as a writer, it has certainly helped me get through a few dark patches during the year by allowing me to play my thoughts out through the typed medium.  It made me realize that practice makes better, but perfect is unattainable because I should never truly be satisfied by where I am as a writer.  Forcing myself to write allowed me to experiment with different forms of writing and poetry, and it has really been a blessing.  Hopefully, I can continue keeping up the pace next year, but I have a different New Year’s Resolution in mind for 2014.  This is going to be a combined post because the last day of the year falls in the early middle part of the week.

A year has gone by with travails all passed,

heart-shards collected where troubles amassed.

The highs and the lows all natural sights,

valleys and peaks of mysterious lights.

The year has been swell, I raise this next one

to glorifying Him as He teaches a ton.

The winter begins a year of new reasons

as I look forward to the changing of seasons.

Melt ice away through heat of life’s love

as I set my mind upon things of above.


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