Mountains and Valleys.

Ascend to the summit and a miracle’s seen;

a beautiful crescent moon, stars from a dream.

The eyes of the world, consumed with desire,

the rich earth, clear water, passionate fire.

The love of the universe, held up aloft,

replacing fell dreams and a heart broken soft.

Descend now below, to the valleys of yore,

see the bald heads of dandelions galore.

Wishes all gone, hope tossed to the wind;

the heart of the sky ends just to begin.

A low is a start, no deeper depth lies.

The point of new tries and forgotten demise.


2 thoughts on “Mountains and Valleys.

  1. Mr. Poet, I must tell you something but I think you have written one the most fantastic lines in poetry imaginable “Ascend to the summit and a miracle’s seen;”. This is the substance of human endeavor too. When you reach the top, you see the fulfilment of your efforts like a miracle. Thanks for the post.


    1. Thanks for the encouraging words and for taking the time to read this! You give me too much praise haha. I’m glad that I’m able to touch those I don’t know with my words! 🙂


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