Shutter Speed.

Since Sunday, I’ve been getting more and more into photography and learning about photography.  I’ve gone to walkable distances, taking pictures of whatever I’ve found interesting enough to freeze into the eternity of a photograph, fiddling with various options comprised of ISO, aperture, and shutter speed.  Today would have been an incredible day to have gone out to take photos, but sadly…the rigors of class beckoned.  And so, I could only walk around campus, gazing wistfully into the beautiful, post-rain, full-bodied, blue sky, wondering what kinds of photos could be created in tandem with the gloriously puffy, cotton-white clouds.  However, upon coming home, the bike ride inspired me to see that there was enough light to create some potentially incredible photos.  And so, I rushed in, greeted my roommate, and walked out to continue the journey of learning about photography.  After coming back, here are two photos that struck me:

DSC_0002 ...After

Now, more or less, they are the same photo, but taken at different shutter speeds.  The brighter photo was taken at 1/4 of a second at an aperture of f/6.3, while the darker photo was taken at 1/30 of a second at an aperture of f/7.1.  Essentially, to create the brighter picture, the camera takes a longer time to take in more light, while the darker photo took in less light.

This got me thinking about my faith; how many times did situations I went through look gloomy and depressing because I hadn’t dwelled enough upon the ultimate source of light, God, and instead shut Him out?  The more that God’s light is taken in by us, the more we see the full picture – that is, the picture of His will being made manifest before us.  It’s about how much time we are willing to devote to receiving His light and how willing we are to be guided to the clarity of His will by that same light.

2 Samuel 22:29: “For you are my lamp, O Lord, and my God lightens my darkness.”


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