Thinking About the Lord.

I was never good at taking time apart and spending quiet time before God.  I always thought that you should just be able to find a quietness within and just talk to God while taking part in other daily routines.  However, I felt a leading recently to just stroll over to the small park by Pitzer and sit down and read the daily readings and meditate on the Word and what was going on around me.  God really took that time to show me so many amazing things, ranging from turning a gloomy day bright and sunny to really bringing peace in my heart about an issue I was wrestling with the whole week.  I was amazed at how much difference even a physical change of approach brought a new freshness to my relationship with God.  I used to regard it warily, listening to people’s stories of how encouraged they were after they spent quiet time with God, and a bit of a tired, eye-rolling attitude crept up on me.  After taking the time to sit on the bench at the small park and just meditate on God for a small quantity of time, ten or fifteen minutes, I was moved by how much more peace I felt after I finished enjoying God’s presence and creation.  He displayed His strength and comfort, while filling me with awe for the grandeur of His creation and His purpose.  Never before had He made Himself so very close to me, and I realize now the importance of spending quiet time with Him.  I encourage my brothers and sisters to do the same; at least, give it three tries, and if it strikes out, then at least you tried it.  But, it could definitely be a spiritual walk-changing experience.


2 thoughts on “Thinking About the Lord.

  1. You are such a beautiful soul to have written a post like this. God bless you and if possible, from time to time, please make some more spiritual posts like this.


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