Crystal Light.

Shattered crystal lays upon the ground

without a sound, it crumbled due to age.

It quivers at each harmonious sound,

willfully suspending peals of teary rage.

It began as a whole, full in form and light.

The hours passed by and its beauty grew.

Hearts soared and romance set to flight

when from this crystal, lover’s eyes saw true.

All who loved the pilgrim soul within,

Visions of future with clarity beckoned.

It drew toward a false kiss worn thin

as crystal shattered after it was reckoned.

False love cracked that lightful crystal’s face

Effulgent beams never diffused again.

The beauty, the break had soon replaced;

the split crystal was never quite whole then.

Through wearying sands of time blown by,

the crystal’s core was beaten ragged.

It dragged on through quicksand from a lie,

the radiance, once fresh, now sullen flagged.

The crystal, with no hope left, whimpered

for that first love, who silently whispered:

Star light, star bright, first star I see tonight,

I wish I may, I wish I might, be the wish I wish tonight.

A glassmaker happened upon the fallen shards;

with love, he restored the fragmented face.

More precious than the ancient anointing nards,

he fixed the crystal back to its rightful place.

Forgotten and left behind in throes of

splendor found renewed;

the crystal loved not the glassmaker, but

’twas that first love that it pursued.


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