And We Laughed.

The stories old, all told and

encountered, wistful smiles of past


A familiar beginning to

lure in the ear, the catch of ages

soon beheld.

“And it was like

fate,” he said, “Stars lining

in place.

I saw her there and said

hello, but somehow that

became ‘Homework?'”

A rousing cry

rises from the friend,

I know it.

Gravely, amusedly, he

nods his head, and goes on

to finish the tale.

And having finished, we

laughed, our sorrows buried

but never removed.

We laughed awhile, shaking

heads with nostalgia,


We looked at each other

reflections of lovers past,

lost chances.

The sighs of old times

Dust of the years,

What ifs.

The table cleared

out now, we left

and we laughed.


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