Wind Blows.

A lost, green leaf, fresh plucked amidst a peaceful gale

floated down, unassumingly, into the earth’s embrace.

It found itself, once scared and timid, gently greeted;

it found a warm and friendly, caring kind of safe place.

The earth surrounded the leaf with stories of before

as the leaf gazed in awe around the place on which it lay.

The cracks of pain, raindrop tears of sorrow painted

a picture that the leaf had never seen until that one day.

The leaf in turn spoke of travels it had once braved alone

of broken dreams, a shattered, foggy past that it once had.

The earth warmed with the sun’s rays the lost leaf that rested,

this noble green leaf, partner by the earth’s fine dust clad.

A second leaf came and spun a tale of autumn past from years ago;

its red and yellows flashing brilliantly before the leaf and earth.

Its tales were tall and character loud, a welcome change to the

melancholy from the somber green leaf, who was lacking in joy’s mirth.

And so the wind came, and took the green leaf far off, never again

to see the earth’s close face, for now it was known that the sight

of brilliant plumage stole the heart of one who had been kin

and punished the sorrow of previous friend with a dark blight.

The wind carried the leaf to places near and far, ne’er stopping

until the leaf fell fast, in hopes of reaching havened ground.

But water drowned the leaf’s tears before the roaring tide

the leaf disappeared, never again heard, and never to be found.


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