A Night Sky.

A walk to remember not long ago,

it was a moonlit, star-gazing, dark night.

The people and we scanned above in hopes

of finding a special, meaningful light.

Counting stars above in wonder rapt,

enfolded by grey puffs of wispy cloud.

Celestial guidance from the sky above

determined what was said that night out loud.

Blankets of lights, meteors streaked the sky

stealing the breath of its audience with ease.

The stars twinkled knowingly at once;

a gentle display of what they knew would please.

Yet, now, the howling gale picks up swiftly,

blowing through the layers of clothing warm.

The soft night, now bleak, gazes down to earth

as stars, now pointed, start to swirl and swarm.

The night darkened quickly, a black expanse

spreading over the land it suffocates.

Clouds shrouded lights and shadows reigned supreme,

the night belonged to rogues and reprobates.

We ran down the road, wearied down by time

faded and worn by the blast of years.

Resounding cries through shaded asphalt reigned

echoing the sullied, dismembered fears.

Now memory speaks where experience walked,

stammering tales of what was once ours.

But, woefully, we only saw the dark night,

and in our haste, forgot all the bright stars.


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