Menacing Maelstrom.

Swept clean of every obstacle inside

a dark stormy sea, a fast rising tide.

A destruction of the cleansing type

Harvesting all things when time was ripe.

The roar of the white noise within hearing,

screams of a loss forever enduring.

An echo within an empty cave of soul

pleading for the path to fill the hole.

A desert of abandonment whispering low

for confusion to know where exactly to go.

Whirlpools of seafoam collapse within

swallowing tidal waves of the forgotten.

Skyscrapers scarcely shroud the sun’s set

as roads of rage course through channels of regret.

Sweeping winds of heart thuds amplified

around the mind so falsely dignified.

The chaotic peace within a heart that ceased

the disappointment marked by a brow creased.

The lost voice of a person drowned below

is a missed gift that we failed to bestow.


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