What a Shame.

A year and a half ago, my body proved itself breakable,

the bone’s repair slowly making itself available.

Yet now, standing at this waterfall’s base, I learn

that what seemed healed has not been able to really return.

And what I yearned to do, I could not move myself to try.

For fear of re-injury and to avoid that,  I had to deny

the pleasure of the risk-reward question and its treasure.

Great glory and pride or pain in abounding measure.

And now, I quail beneath the fountain’s great gaze

each jagged edge of rock, coated with age’s smooth glaze.

My leg quivered at the thought of scaling such terror

Sealing my lifetime with a singular error.

Phantasms of pain long ago incurred reigned

imagined thoughts of slipping my rusty leg pained.

And so, I just watched as my youth passed before me

while the rest of eternity’s travelers just ignored me.


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