Gone Fishin’.

It’s a lot like fishing though not at first glance.

But it’s about waiting for that one perfect chance.

At first, you feel nothing, no signs of interest

but then you get a nibble, just waiting to invest.

When the nibbling becomes constant,

go ahead and set the hook.

Pull up and reel with all your might

to try and get a better look.

In the ocean wide, there is more than one fish

but to catch the same one is the sign of a wish

come true, for in the blue of the water

one may see a glimpse of a heartstopper.

You smile at it and throw it back,

and cast the line in small hopes that

it once again returns.

What yearns in the heart of the baited

is met by the unsure one who waited,

waited for familiar churns.

The red string of fate, the line of His design

whatever one calls it, this thought comes to mind:

if the fish was the one baiting

and I was doing the chasing.


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