One is a Terrifying Number.

One is the loneliest number.

So says my phone when I ask Google what the loneliest number is.  However, it made me stop for a moment and reflect on loneliness.  To be alone and to be lonely – though very nearly the same in terms of morphology – are exceedingly different in the kind of emotions that are engendered within the experiencer.  To be alone may often make one feel lonely, but to be lonely does not necessarily come with being alone.  The difference is that one is, for the most part, external (alone), while the other is mainly internal (lonely).  Being lonely is a constructed limitation that comes from the mind’s conscious and subconscious observations of oneself that end up discouraging the lonely person ever more into a downward spiral of sighs and wistful thoughts.

Then, in comes God.  Many of us feel so lonely and that loneliness absorbs us into exaggerated introspection that leads us into darker alleys.  When we suffer from external circumstances, we ask God for help, but when we inflict internal wounds, we put a veil between God and us and dim His joy and peace and glory, preventing them from shining into our lives.  It seems like in doing this – settling our own issues by ourselves – we become too reliant upon God, but where is the fault in that?  Is it so wrong to depend on the One who created us?  He is capable of filling our all in all with His love, erasing all of the self-doubt and self-hate that triumphs over our shackled minds.  But sometimes, we need reminding that we can rely on Him, the One we should love, and not fear the number one because it never exists if we remember that He is always with us.

One might be the loneliest number, but the One who saves has a love that overwhelms that perpetual loneliness we often feel.


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