O Seniors, My Seniors!

The day has now come, one I’ve been slowly dreading,

pushed back in my mind in a forceful forgetting.

Yet now that it’s here, I can no longer ignore it;

graduation happened, and my heart, it tore it.

You brothers and sisters to me are fast leaving

new stories of your lives you write and are weaving

memories of the now too-short year we’ve had.

I remember it like it was yesterday, cliché I know,

but looking back on it, I see the seeds you did sow.

With showers of grace and encouragement’s light

God blessed me with you to help keep me upright.

Though not finished growing, you are quick to depart

What seemed like forever was a moment in art;

The heart-wrenching news that you’d leave struck through.

At first it was Men’s, where I learned about MOIs,

a transparent meet up with some of the boys.

The next few weeks were the actual study

clearing up verses that had seemed to be muddy.

Freshmen and large group were all but abandoned

But somehow onto the scene I was cannoned,

Led alone by God’s masterful plan and design.

It was at freshmen first when I ventured to seek

after the Lord with the fifth day of the week.

Sour Patch watermelon candies were passed

And soon cookies were also suddenly amassed.

We went over the question of the week to start off

My nerves were on edge; I could only manage a cough

that somehow ended up giving me the baton.

My first large group ever was in the cold November –

Remember, the school year began in September.

I quickly found myself helping put up the old banner

not knowing where the poles went in and in what manner.

Worship was new in the form it was presented

As unified voices, led by one, had assented

The glory and majesty of a living God.

The rest of the year has been a personal blur

As in touchingly spoken with an emotional slur.

Transparency flooded me after a MOI

Not knowing that it could purvey so much joy.

I moved to start meeting with more and more people

taking the church life to beyond just the steeple

and learning about my soon close family.

And now here we are, at time-together’s end

Considering each of you all as my dear friend.

I don’t want you to leave, but holding you back would be bad,

for you have experiences and seeing the plan that He had.

AACF Seniors of 2013,

time’s been well spent, life much like a dream;

I’ll be missing you always, but you’ll dwell in my heart.


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