Forge Me.

As laundry churns within the cycle

my fingers unravel denial.

The Internet, great forum of facts,

keeps no track of what it attracts.

Great minds behind screens show

bold statements of how much they know.

I.D. is not checked on the world wide web

so the sites are abused by the stalking dead.

This false life online was more than I could bear;

A few crude jokes here and it was easy there.

Larger than life in the virtual realm

had my confidence running to the real helm.

But crushed by hammers I was in the end

Flattened to a sheet by the words of a friend.

Tempered by loss and shame and guilt

Patience like rock now turned to silt.

So though I donned a forged identity

it lead quite soon to a forged personality

through fire, pressure, and time.


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