The Second Stall.

One of my favorite places to go is the UCen at SB, and it’s not only because there are a slew of options for food, but because of the ever-dependable second stall.  Namely, the second stall from the right in the bathroom on the second floor of the UCen.  Every time I push past the moderately weighted door to the luxurious lavatory, my eyes shift to the approaching-full trash bin.  The level of papers has never seemed to change in that bin. Beyond that, the left turn leading to the stalls is the one that’s always filled with anticipation.  My eyes always glance over at the standing stalls, which are often inviting if I only have three minutes to spare, but I am on a mission in the UCen bathroom.  When my eyes drift to the bottom of the stall, I inevitably witness a pair of sneakers gently resting on the ground, covering up the exertion that is overwhelming the owner of those sneakers.  I pass by the crack of the first stall, seeing more often than not a lowered head fixated on a mobile device of some sort.  A small inkling of worry makes its way down my spine.  However, the magnificent second crack in the dividers of stalls has never failed to purvey me with a spot.  And it is this spot that allows for the ecstasy of relief that is so absolutely unique to that toilet seat.  Once the latch on the door is secured, I can safely breathe with relief knowing that my own spot in the world of relaxation is secure.  The second stall from the right in the bathroom on the second floor of the UCen puts the “rest” into “restroom.”  It’s almost as if the stall is loyal to me, making itself available should I require its services in any given desperate moment of the day.  What a great companion is this second stall!


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