Like the Legend of the Phoenix.

Like the legend of the phoenix,

All ends with beginnings,

Gambling with high stakes

hoping for some winnings.

But the phoenix fire rages;

A flame licks out of control.

And slowly fire burning

Scorching with its vitriol.

Self inflicted burn marks

now to erase from thinking,

a slow and murky process

to try and avoid sinking.

From ashes past I now rise,

not waiting for an answer.

I’ve striped myself with lashes

and life had become blander.

A fire borne from sadness,

Tears of smoldering magma

come streaming down in fullness

steals breath like worst miasma.

A cry resounds from ashes

a gift that keeps on giving

for in those sinking embers

is a lover of the living.

The fire is rekindled,

the life within is regained

a newly formed creation;

none of the old has remained.


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