Remember to Smile.

Being cheerful is a blessing that may come and go.  But when you’re cheerful, it’s always important to cherish it because it is something that is capable of changing the countenance of every person it touches.  Life becomes so much more vivid when the heart is uplifted; the sun shines brighter, smiles are more genuine, and the overall outlook on life becomes much more positive.  The moon becomes full and no dark side is visible on it, and the oceans swell with overwhelming peace that floods the heart.  Birds sing songs composed for you that are comprised of the sweetest melodies and harmonies unheard of prior.  Imagination engulfs reality, becoming intertwined in a divine melange of life’s full ecstasy.  Joie de vivre – a phrase I so rarely use though I wish it were otherwise – is lived out when one is cheerful.  A hopeless romantic’s tale is told no longer as a fairy tale, but it becomes an autobiography.

Smiling is a singular action that can be performed to break the surface of the lake of cheerfulness.  It may not feel right if you is not inherently happy at the time, but somehow by putting on the mask of a smile, it forces you to consider the positives in life.  Smiling sad smiles seems similar to silent sounds in that both are in opposition to one another, oxymorons of sorts, but in reality, life’s oxymorons are the greatest kind.  Smiling is infectious, and why not spread the joy?  At some point of time, we cannot but helplessly fall in love with life again.  Life is so irresistibly charming, with its winsome smiling sun and its winking stars.  It’s often difficult to hold onto any sadness or disappointment you’ve had in life when you understand that, indeed, life goes on.

And so, you go through life with a smile on your face and no one is the wiser; after all, why change the world around you when it’s all in your head?


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