I’ve Said Enough.

What a dramatic title. A bit overly dramatic for the relatively uninteresting topic I am about to make commentary on.  That relatively uninteresting topic I am about to make commentary on is the fact that I’ve had conflicting feelings on the lengths of my blog posts. Perhaps it is because I recently went through (and added tags to) all of my old, longer, more labyrinthine posts filled with convoluted thoughts and tormented emotions.  Whatever the reason, the average length of my blog posts seemed to have gotten shorter and shorter as time goes on.  Why was this?  Was I getting lazier?  Had I simply run out of words to say, and could no longer generate ideas on demand?

I put these fears behind me once I considered the medium that I was conveying my thoughts through.  Had I been attempting to write a novel of my life’s experience, blog posts would nary be enough, but for the purpose that they serve as outlets of my ponderings for the day, blog posts serve well enough.  I considered the possibility that I came to this conclusion as a way of justifying myself in my lack of loquacity, but I immediately shrugged it off as the beginning of a very nebulous and frustrating path of thought.  And so, I plod along in this blog, unsure of the myriad things that may be lacking in my writing, but hopefully coming to terms and being at peace with the way that I develop as a writer.


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