Blind Loyalty.

Loyalty.  It seems to be a concept that fewer and fewer people understand.  The characteristic that I find to be most desired for in people, loyalty is something that is capable of transcending rationale.  This is because loyalty is comprised of so many various facets of love that are often painful – it is the most self-abnegating characteristic in that the highest manifestation of loyalty leads to self-sacrifice.  Loyalty is borne of love for a place, an idea, or a person.  Yet there are various magnitudes of this trait; some people are opportunistically loyal while others are loyal to the point of blindness – dangerous, but at the same time, as rare as it sounds.

In terms of the latter extreme on the loyalty spectrum, loyalty can be more destructive than constructive.  It often clouds our judgment on even the smallest of matters, yet is capable of encompassing the very direction of our lives.  Here, the “our” refers to those who are capable of blind loyalty.  It is literally loyalty to a fault because within that loyalty lies a kind of darkness that is seen as a saving light.  We plunge headlong without regard for our ultimate well-being, so long as the ends of our means result in the greatest result for what we are sacrificing for.  The complexity of the prior sentence reflects how complicated blind loyalty is; it goes against the natural instinct for survival of self, yet it includes one’s greatest happiness in the fulfillment of another ending.

Whether or not it is worth contemplating the nuances of blind loyalty, one thing is certain: it is certainly never deserved, save for the worship of the Lord.  Yet even then, the Lord does not purvey the lack of sight, but the gain of it, and that is what makes blind loyalty to God the most eye-opening decision of one’s life.


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