Take a Stab at It.

The hour late, a great big weight

has a bearing on my heart.

My mind enslaved, a tongue to slake

with empty shows of loving art.

Mind unlocked by lack of sleep

tongue loosed to slowly sweep

the dusty grounds of hidden thought

where darker shapes fester and rot.

I bared my soul for one to see,

Indulging possibility.

It ended well; my heart a kite,

optimism bringing light.

Awaiting a reply.

Twenty and four hours passed

Since that fateful leap of faith.

The feeling, hope, it did not last

and gloom came in just like a wraith.

The words were sent into my ear

assuring me of my small fear;

it was not to be, I would be hurt

I guess it was my just desserts.

While sighing and a weight appeared

A glimpse of glory now it reared.

Pure love to flood within the pain

and wash away the stain like rain.

A stab I took, nevermore to try.


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