Time Goes By.

Every second wasted breathing purpose

is an hour wasted feeling nervous;

do I deserve this, a flow of constant thoughts

allowing them to move around as my persona rots,

trots, slots, and tater tots tossed.

Allow me to show you how much I have flossed

with a smile big as the hanging moon above the floating skyline

shining down with lucent beams, almost as bright as I shine.

Black drapes, curtain call not knowing what will befall

an order tall, a man too small, an idea waiting to enthrall.

Hear the beck and call of the wild within the child

Rarely looking angry, yet they dial into the smile.

Mind runs out with the time runs a mile a minute

Making money saving honey is the trick within it.

Mental vomit onto pages sticky green with ill deceit

Green like the money pages inking out a white receipt.

Time goes by as my fingers click clacking sound

“Life goes on” was the message that Tupac had found.


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