My Return.

It’s been a long time coming

Since my new return.

It’s been a long while craving,

ignoring every yearn.

A focus on what’s of Him

not on that of Earth

To press onwards and just win

a righteous kind of mirth.

Deny myself the pleasure

of adding to my sense of self,

I learned to put the measure

of “me” back on the bookshelf.

I.D. myself on what I believe

Listen to the story that I now weave –

it wasn’t easy quitting it

but I found myself outwitting it.

I found some new delights in life

to dream of fresh and new insights.

Heard stories louder than I had before

Better view on things to not ignore.

I learned the meaning of truth and love

and enjoyed the views of the stars above.

Lord, I lost sight of Your majesty,

To ignore You would be a travesty.

Bring me back to You I plead,

This return is exactly what I did need.


4 thoughts on “My Return.

  1. Hi, friend-poet. Not remembering how we were first introduced on-line, I was stunned to read both your ‘prose’ about your grandmother’s passing (beautiful!) and your “My Return” poem, above. I do have some reaction, to both. However, I was more amazed in seeing that “Sam and Agnes” were the first ones to contact you. So, you must have some connection with Westminster, which doubly amazes me. Young poet-writer friend, if I gave you my phone number, would you be kind enough to give me a call? If so, we could chat, and that might be such a win-win pleasure! Yours, in our Lord, Ned Nossaman (562)245-7320.


    1. Hey Brother Ned! It’s been a while since I’ve heard from you! Brother Ron first introduced us! I’m glad that you enjoyed both pieces. I will try to give you a call sometime; when would it be most convenient for you?


      1. Now would be good. I have the time. Otherwise, you can try me almost anytime, exept evenings tend to be not the best. Looking forward to it. My comments might surprise you. If you give me your direct e-mail now, I’ll send you a thoughtful, procative poem about “Heaven” and todays gospel, and perhaps then we could chat. Yours, ~ Ned


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