Today is the day that I received 100 total likes on my WordPress site.  I’d like to start off by thanking all of my readers who do take the few seconds to press that “Like” button, and I’m even more grateful to those who take the extra few seconds to leave behind thoughtful comments.  My readers have no idea how much I appreciate the fact that my works leave some vestige of an impact upon their lives.

As I thought more about the fact that my ramblings and shredded thoughts have garnered 100 likes, I think about how the work that each person creates has the capacity to impact the lives of those around him.  Although we all hail from different spectrums of experience, we nevertheless contribute to the growing continuum of feeling and expression amongst humans.  Some of us have more idealistic tendencies while others of us express the world directly as we experience it.  No matter the form, the function remains the same across the board; experiences find a way to make themselves ubiquitous to a variety of people.

Behind each person is a story, and there lies within that story the complexity of that individual.  How we perceive and enjoy things reflects what is important to us and what we notice first and foremost when encountering new circumstances.  Every work can be analyzed in an infinitely large number of ways, but how we approach the work and in which direction we take it is often more subjective than we might think.  From those 100 likes, it’s safe to say that each reader has his own idiosyncrasies that are exhibited from what he enjoyed in my piece alone, not to mention the various pieces he himself might have written or found elsewhere.  The 100 likes started off as a statistic, but the more I thought about it, the more meaningful it became.  It turned out to be 100 stories intermingled with a story that I told, making the story richer not by any virtue of its own, but by the virtue of the readers putting value into the words that I sculpted.


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