Finals Weak.

Poem I wrote during finals week but couldn’t publish in time. 3/19/13.

A whoop from lungs, guffaw of phlegm

Sniffling become the room’s anthem.

Congestion reigns supreme today

Finals soon, want to hit the hay.

And lay there for days, just to recover

from this sickness and dream of another

time where illness and pain were forgotten.

Have I hit rock bottom? Or just become rotten

in this present age where drugs are used

And abused when they previously sore throats soothed.

Tissues everywhere, like earth’s snow blanket

I blew my nose, crumpled it up, shot, and sank it.

Oh, what a position to try and audition

for success on a test when my health has gone fishin’!

As I work up a sweat alone at the gym,

Muster up my strength and put my faith in Him.


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