Finally Done.

Written during finals week, but not published in time. 3/22/13

I’m not going to lie, it definitely was not a good experience taking finals in college while being pretty sick.  The coughing, the tissues, the complete lack of energy were all a bit much to deal with in tandem with having to study for something that would count for a large part of my grade.  However, after finishing with finals, I have to say that I’m really thankful to the Lord for getting me through it, not only because of how I dealt with being sick, but also for the little things that He helped me appreciate through my sickness.

Most times, when people are sick, they’re irritable and uncomfortable.  I was no different.  However, when the going got tough, there was always a sense of peace in my heart.  I definitely moaned and groaned – just ask my roommate.  But there was an emptiness to the moaning and groaning; I never actually felt any actual discomfort that had an overbearing on my living.

People were also very caring, wishing me the best and praying for me.  I realized that we always seem to take for granted just how many people are praying for us and keeping us in their thoughts.  It was touching to see how deeply people did care, further strengthening my love for the Body and each of the members in the Body.  It reflects a similar situation with someone that I know; you never know who’s working behind the scenes to show their love for you and pray for the best for you.  I’m starting to get drowsy, so I’ll end my incoherence here, but praise the Lord that I’m done with finals!


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