Cajé, Day One.

“Your friend’s got a cool jacket.”

The man in the white hoodie with a hat propped over his hood looked at his friend in the San Francisco Giants ball cap and grey cardigan covering a blue dress shirt, the same person who gave the compliment.

“What? Oh…she’s just a colleague, she’s friendly though.”

Ball cap smirked at the witty remark, white, Apple earplugs in place, yet not drowning out much noise as the two participated in a short back and forth.  White hoodie blew out cigarette smoke while the big Asian across did the same.  There wasn’t a sign in place that outlawed them, and they were content to fill their lungs with noxious fumes as they engaged in a growing social exchange.  The skid of skateboard wheels chafing asphalt prompted them to look off in a distance, where a lone rider sped across the lot, honing his moves in solitude, with hood up.  It seems like everyone was doing something to cover his head, or perhaps it was because of the impending chill that was descending upon the area.

“Excuse me, do you know the Internet password?”

Another Asian wearing a flannel and cargo shorts asked the bearded man behind him, to which he got the response, “Yeah, it’s welcome back – all one word.”  Flannel thanked the bearded man and proceeded to type away at his computer, a Macbook Air in a sea of Apple products.

The neon “OPEN” sign glared dully out at the customers as hanging red bulbs seemed suspended on absolutely nothing.  The whooshing of cars forever remained a part of the background, along with the amplified conversations.

“I’m a man!”

The blonde haired girl that was addressed wrinkled her nose.

“Go inside and get the spot!”

A couple of girls walked out of the store, and were greeted by happenstance by a mutual friend of theirs.  Two of them engaged in animated conversation, while the third excluded herself via technology and the greater allure of whatever was on her cellphone.  They left after a while of exchanging pleasantries and catching up on the stories of a shared, drunken night they had.

A man and a woman gave a public display of affection.  Their sandwich soon dropped on the ground from a brown paper sack.


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