Be Careful.

Treading a tightrope spread in the sky,

Make a mistake, you might slip and die.

But while you’re walking, try and consider

the highlights of life; try not to be bitter.

The smiles you’ve shared with a friend or three

Dreaming great dreams of the best you could be.

A youthful love, now come and gone

Burying deep a soft, mellow song.

Watch out, don’t slip – she sees you not

No matter the thoughts and the plans you have wrought.

Analysis, the bane of true love

Diving like eagles, choking the dove.

Should God create a plan for the two

Then you will see that the love is most true.

Until that consent divine is displayed,

Keep your heart on God, don’t be dismayed.

Examine yourself, keep balanced the line

God has claimed you, saying, “You’re mine.”

Saving from death by perilous plunge,

Redeeming our life with His Son’s great lunge.

From Heaven to Earth, descended alone

In human form came, in reverence prone.

Bowing to His Father’s pure will

Giving us the Holy Spirit to fill.

We’ve reached the end of dangerous course

Shouts of praise ringing, our voices are hoarse.

With delicate ease, we jump to skyscrapers

Reading with wisdom God’s Word in thin papers.

Be ever on guard, should you tilt and fall

God rescues not just us,

But all.


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