Work for It.

When we’re tired, there are often multiple variations of it.  The lethargy that comes from a lack of rest is by no means a positive lack of energy.  The exhaustion that comes from the exertion of effort, however, is.

WIth the exhaustion that is the fruit of hard labor, there is a kind of painful gratification in it. Perhaps it’s because of the hope knowing that the soreness of the workout, the sweat drops that fell to the ground, and the pant of knowing that drawing the next breath is as tiring as moving itself will all improve us physically and strengthen our mind.  The hard work we pour into bettering ourselves is only reflected by the outcome that we don’t see just yet, but desire to see.

Yet how often are our expectations not met, and feelings of desperation and futility start setting in?  Then it just feels like the pain and suffering that we endured has served no purpose whatsoever.  This is a very possible result of human effort.  However, lately I’ve been pondering the results of God’s effort and seeing how very different the results can be.  When God puts effort into something, he doesn’t have a myopic sense of outcome – that is to say, God already knows the outcome when He is working and knows the full episode that is played out.  If we believe in this fact that He has already done everything, then our frustration with present setbacks is only an expression of a lack of faith.  But even in our unwarranted lack of faith, He is faithful to show grace and reveal His plan gradually so that we see how mysterious His ways are, and how beautiful His design is.  It hurts for the present, but the future outcome is already secure because He has made it so.

1 Thessalonians 5:24: He who calls you is faithful; he will surely do it.


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