Pride Comes Before a Fall.

The title is so true it hurt. Literally.  After misjudging the height of a curb next to the bike path, I ate it sooo hard.  Prior to this, I was bragging to my basketball team captain that he wouldn’t be able to tailgate me if he tried because I’d be so far ahead.  Even though I was joking, the joke was on me when I was lying on my side, confused as to how I came to that predicament.

At night, my vision is completely shot, so I was already in a bad spot when I decided to bike at night on some dirt road area.  As I approached the actual bike path, I realized after skidding along it that it was much higher than anticipated.  I felt the bike tip over on one side and remembered thinking, “Oh, shucks…” and then slamming into the ground on my right side.

After dusting myself off, I finished the course and got to Kogilicious.  Upon closer inspection under the light, I realized that my clothes weren’t even as dirty as I thought – in fact, I had barely a scratch.  I felt like I was going to be sore the next day, but today is that next day and the only pain I feel is a sore right butt cheek.  I realized in this ironic moment that God was showing me about pride; even though I was only jokingly boasting, the situation can be juxtaposed to past and future instances of my life, and I’m glad that He protected me from serious harm while teaching me.


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