Getting Lifted.

Breath sucked through a filter as ashes fall to earth,

Smoke filling lungs as the mind contemplates worth.

The pictures fill my mind, but my teeth grind as I fight

to deny the urges and the flickering flame of light.

Why should a plant dictate the unlocking of my thoughts

while stains fill my mouth and my memory just rots?

But instead for my daily bread, I clear my head

feed upon the Word and the words I have read.

Some turn to herb as a way to find an answer;

it doesn’t hurt, but man, is it a mental cancer.

When it should be God who leaves me gasping,

breath lost in wonder, and voice rasping

in awe of His presence, I cough for lack of speech

His Highness and His glory through Jesus does He teach.

So let me reach for the Word, may I be addicted

to every line that He has spoken, each scene fully depicted.

Fiending for His lessons, jonesing for His blessing

Burning up with passion for Him, never stressing

about the things of this world, my mind is at ease

because I’m following His will, and it is He who I please.

Using God has killed me, for I died with Him on the cross

The world doesn’t count it mighty gain; they count it loss.

Ashes of my former self, burned by His love for me

my heart shatters swiftly, I’m saying, “Lord, now I see.”

I finally exhale the smoke of burning embers:

the dying fire of the world that just never endures.

I never needed anything else to get my spirit lifted

as soon as I found it was my mind that should’ve shifted.


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