Thoughts bitin at the chain, yankin on my neck

Drawin close together links that steal away my breath.

Onto death, the soul crushed slowly by my mindset

Give me false hope; I feel like I’m in high debt.

High def, I see clear – I see fear.

Lookin close into my heart’s rear mirror.

Lookie here, who just rolled up behind me?

Thoughts and his hood comin up just to blind me

Pourin poison in my ear again, tell a friend

Endless apologies make my heart bleed, to what end?

The chain bites, I see light and feel night

Suffocating again in my own right.

God, help me make it through the tunnel

I’m gettin sucked back into a murderous funnel

The Son’ll save me, no matter where I am

Cus He is my hope, my way, and my end.

Lift Him up, a pedestal to bring now

A matter of Him, not who, where, or when, how?

Faith is unseen, a grand thing in a grand scheme

Loosing chains in my neck, just a bad dream.


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