First Lent.

This year, at the suggestion of an older brother, I’m going to be giving something up for Lent.  Although I’m not a Catholic, it’s also this year that I am realizing that Lent doesn’t need to be fashioned from the tapestry of tradition, but that it is a personal act of devotion to God.  In giving up what I believe has a hold on me, it serves a manifold purpose; on one hand, I free up time to use as I see fit because I’m no longer immersing myself in the activity that I choose to nix, and on the other, it removes me from something that may become something of an addiction and stymie my growth in God.

For Lent, I’m giving up Facebook because it has been quite the addiction for me and this addiction is even noted by my friends.  I’m only allowed to go on to post the daily Bible verses on the AACF page, and nothing else.  The posts I do make on Facebook will probably be from here (WordPress) or through Instagram.  It’s been hard so far, but I don’t doubt that it will be worth it in the end.  This post is fairly short because I am immersed in studying for midterms and such, but I hope to keep on posting and sticking with my New Year’s Resolution.  I’m also a bit curious if my latest poem was published, but I can’t exactly check…wish me luck and may the glory go to God.


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