Strength in Numbers.

So, I really shouldn’t be writing this because of the midterms that are just around the corner, but I feel like the only available time I actually have to write is now.  Yesterday, was just the cascade of lots of emotional pressure points for me, and I found myself lost during intramural basketball.  However, I didn’t really notice that I was in a daze until my basketball team captain told me to wake up.  I vainly tried my best to throw myself into the game and forget about the creeping emptiness that I felt overwhelming me, but to no avail. For the greater good, he substituted me out and I didn’t play the rest of the game; on the sidelines, a gradual weariness began restricting my heart, disintegrating whatever affected fortitude that remained.  I nearly broke down in tears right on the court after the game, but held the majority of them back.  Upon going back to the dorm, I talked with a close brother about it and started to feel a little better, but not by much.  I got into my room and saw numerous text messages on my phone, and just by looking at the contacts, I knew that someone had told them I wasn’t doing well.

The point of this whole ordeal is that so many people from AACF and one outside of AACF came together to help me through the situation; there was no stronger sense of Ephesians 3:18-19 that night, that we comprehend with all the saints what is the width and length and depth and height to know the love of Christ.  I discovered that this love of Christ isn’t something external that we discover outside of ourselves, however; I realized that this love comes from within the brothers and sisters of the Body, that the love of Christ is within His people and we all gather together to gain the full knowledge of the love of Christ through the love that shines in each other.  Through their encouragements, I saw how each person had a different way of consoling me – a brother came and prayed for me in my dorm, while I called a few sisters and talked directly to them.  No matter how big or small the gesture, what moved me was that the gesture was even formed and just how closely knit together God’s people really can be.  Within this experience, I learned that there are people, also brothers and sisters, who might not be as open with their situations or might not be as available for communication who also need our encouragement and strengthening.  More and more, the awareness of the entirety of God’s people and the acknowledgment of each of our particular portions mustn’t be ignored, but sustained so that we may rise together as one Body under One Head, that is Christ Jesus.


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