On Empathy.

Prior to today, I’ve found it so difficult to feel for the tragedies of people around me.  As much of a self-proclaimed poet and sensitive person as I am, I’ve always had a kind of void in my ability to feel the plight of others; it sounds ironic, but my emotions only extended to the realm of introspection and not much further.  However, as of late, I think that I’ve slowly been changed, both by the people that God has surrounded me with as well as God Himself, to feel in ways I’ve never felt before.

It’s impossible to provide proper condolence to another person for their loss, if you really think about it.  There’s no way for us to feel their pain and understand how much they lost in whatever tragedy they’re going through.  But, I do believe it is possible to be in mourning with them, as I was today.  I’ve never been as depressed as I was today for someone else’s problem.  Looking into it, it’s through the love I have for this person that I was able to feel for them the way I did.  The shock of reading the text and the following phone call that I placed really placed a different spin on the day’s events.  While I was occupied with the events and the conversations I had, if I had even a moment alone, I would be praying for the family and for my friend.

It’s still impossible to say that I am a man of empathy because I am still not fully grasping the experience of empathy, but it’s a small step at least. And a significant one at that.


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