Bits and Pieces.

A heart, it beats, it beats, it beats.

Apart, it seeks, it seeks, it seeks.

When kindred hearts meet, a flame ignites

Seeing each other dimming the lights.

A glow far brighter than galaxy’s bright gift

Diamonds ‘midst sands wind needed to sift.

Yet light soon fades, and shadows swift swarm

The heat that once burned is now just lukewarm.

Grief soon sets in, with talons of fury

Eyes once bright have become now so dreary.

Hearts once whole have become shredded to bits

Pieces littering the darkest of pits.

A thousand, a million, innumerable

No longer a heart and no longer a soul.

Destroyed with just flame and purged for the ages

Sad songs passed down generations by sages.

The pieces collected, forged once again

A heart newly formed, making amends.


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