What it is to be a Brother.

So, for this week, I haven’t really been feeling the poetic vibe yet (besides a short eggsample poem I wrote recently); therefore, I am going to start with a writing piece.  Now, in my college experience, I’ve gone through three bikes already, all crumbling beneath some terrible misfortune that follows me.  I’ve since tried to learn how to skateboard, but it’s coming along at a mind-numbingly slow rate of progress. Today, I skated to my Greek Mythology class, but it seemingly took the same amount of time as if I were to walk, so I just decided to walk around campus after that.  Some hours later, some of the AACF brothers and I decided to go to Shemei’s house to help her with putting up a bed.  The other three brothers had bikes but I only had my board, and I wasn’t comfortable with riding it at high speeds.  So, all four of us just walked side by side until we got to Shemei’s house.

This got me thinking: how easy would it be to just say, “Well, I’ll meet you at Shemei’s place!”? Yet instead, these three brothers chose – my apologies, Robert Frost – the road less traveled by and walked their bikes with me holding onto my skateboard.  At the time, I guess all I was really feeling was shame because of my inability to ride quickly enough, but looking back on it, I marvel at the hearts of these three brothers.  Not only was it inconvenient and sluggish, but it was also fairly tedious for them to have to walk their bikes.   They even walked with me back to FT, and as I’m sitting here, I just reflect upon how many people I know who would do such a thing, and the number fits pretty snugly on one hand. Something about the simplicity of the gesture and the light-heartedness with which they did it filled me with gratitude for having them as partners in my spiritual walk; many times what we do speaks volumes more than what we could ever say, and their actions certainly spoke chapters to me today.

And isn’t this the truth of our relationship with the brothers as Christ’s Body? Sure, we might joke around occasionally, as in my now infamous rock picture, but when one member of the Body suffers, we all do; today, my burden was bore by them, and because of their help, my spirits soared.  As brothers, we are patient, humble, encouraging, present, and so many more adjectives towards one another as we build each other up in love, together grasping the full dimensions of the love of Christ (Ephesians 3:17 – 19).  The concept of love has been groped for by many scholars, philosophers, and romantics, yet what I know for fact is that it’s not merely a concept; it’s an experience, a thought put into flesh and given livelihood.  It’s a beautiful thing that comes in many forms and in many situations, but ultimately, it stems from Christ, who is all and in all.  It isn’t everyday that I experience something so basic, yet so astonishingly moving at the same time; but then again, I am taking a class that’s teaching me to live life more intensely.  Welcome, O love! I go to encounter for the millionth time the reality of brotherhood and to forge in the smithy of my spirit the bond between my brothers in Christ!


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