Human Nature.

A silent stream of flowing thoughts, fickle as can be

The waves of emotion that disturb us, ever constantly.

The tides of rage that swell within, causing us to blindly sin

The wind of whispered words that moves our heads to slowly spin.

A furious eruption brings the fiery flow of indignation

Yet warmth and comfort are our sons’ bright rays of admiration.

The flow of tears that does pour forth in a rough occasion

Can signify the loss of love or that of pure salvation.

Fluttering eyes like birds do softly sing

to those in desperate need of sooner spring.

Should we need a day’s respite,

we venture on into the night

carrying with us the stars we know to help provide the light.

Tornadoes of mixed emotions make all things believed a blur

The gentle breeze of reassurance will help us to endure.

To moons above, thoughts pensive fly

from earthen shackles do they shy.

Free to soar, to roam, to search, to care

More in thought and less aware that there

Lay possibilities of things gone wrong.

See the rocks of overcoming, the trees of life are ever humming,

joining together in human nature’s song.


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