Good Luck.

Now that finals are here, it’s been quite an ordeal,

But remember each day to have a good meal.

Your mind to strengthen and your body to heal,

Eating well helps keep living life real.

The next thing is sleep, it’s really the best;

there’s nothing better before a long test.

Though it’s dead week, keep living life

take a small stroll to get away from the strife.

Remember to breathe, put your mind at ease.

Take a break from studying, if you would please.

Last but not least, to pass the long day

Remember always to make time to pray.

You will always have those praying for you

so do a little praying of your own too!

God listens to and answers each prayer

so don’t you ever feel like He’s not there!

Good luck to everyone with your studying and testing

soon it’ll be winter and we’ll all be resting!


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