Summer Nights.

A summer night with a breeze so very calming

does my heart good with its gentle embalming.

Yet realization comes piercing within

alarming as it is when I look for each friend.

We are like the summer breeze, youthful and bright

each with peculiar tastes, interests, delight.

Yet together we are strong, an actual hurricane

Helping build each other up, ignoring all the pain.

When we leave, who knows what will be of us;

will we still be close, still be people we trust?

Or does time disfigure each person’s own image

until all that’s left is a physical visage?

Do hearts true remain through paths traveled long

or do angels weep at our loss in their eternal song?

Home is where the heart is so why do we leave?

Is it to learn more or our poor hearts bereave?

We all have our plans, our own aspirations

our goals, our jokes, our own exclamations.

But will we, as the summer wind, the same remain

or will society try and poison the brain?

New friends we make, but old ones we treasure

hold them in high esteem without any measure.

As for pleasure, there is no lacking there

for when we see our friends, we release every care.

Every woe, every thought, every insecurity

is loosed upon the world in pure tranquility.

The comfort of the presence of people we know

allows us to continue to act in the show,

the great tragedy, drama, comedy of Life

where great mirth may mix itself with eternal strife.

God above us watches our moves now

wondering what we choose and if we choose, how?

No doubt in my mind remains when I think of Him

for He opens the gates for us to enter in.

So as the summer nights dwindle and the breeze flounders

the basketball falls in the hands of rebounders

the summer breeze does blow its steady course

and when it returns, it will cheer itself hoarse.

Great love amongst friends, more love between brothers

as boys and girls become fathers and mothers.

Time does change us, but only as much as we want

because our own colors we will forever flaunt.

Sing with all the colors of the wind with greatest of ease

Friends, when you leave, don’t forget “us,” please.


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