As man sits and ponders his own life’s work,

there is no one more intriguing than the solemn introvert.

Within his very soul he does deign to search

yet his own thoughts he does unwittingly besmirch.

Man is composed of many things within

Learning how to pray yet still dwelling in sin.

The conscious introvert recognizes his position

and weighs each move carefully before making his decision.

With precision, he moves his life ahead

and with passion, his eyes see naught but red.

Yet when the fire cools and the embers lay in ashes

his life flits before him in a succession of flashes.

What has he completed, who has he understood?

Can he hold onto anything that is good?

Or is he undeserving, and he is quick to agree

that the main purpose of his whole life was to flee.

Away from the troubles, away from the cares

Away from the darkness within his few hairs.

But a greater darkness yet within him resides

as he finds small joy in his former delights.

Reaching deeper, new light he does find

as sudden constraints on his heart does it bind.

The Lord has been faithful, He will be again

Our Teacher, our Savior, our eternal best Friend.

He walks with the lonely, with those who despair

as He crowns the brokenhearted who seek for Him there.

The introvert acknowledges with sorrowful regret

that he only turns to Him whenever he does fret.

He smiles and shakes His head, hearing this many times

Yet little does the introvert know He reads between the lines.

The introvert is anxious to his great Friend still please

and when in His presence, his soul is at ease.

He knows not his calling, but prays to discover

the power within that will help him recover

more brothers and sisters unto the one Body,

praying each day that his work be not shoddy. 

A perfect sacrifice, made acceptable to Him

as he sits in his room and composes a hymn.

Not one for the Body, but one for himself

To store with great care within his bookshelf.

A silent song of sorrow saved by Savior secretly,

Starting with the line “O Lord, bring me unto Thee.”

The Lord fulfills his all in all and asks to see his face

And as the introvert does turn, He sweeps him in embrace.

Tears streaming down his guilty face, he whispers in His ear

“How could I forget You my Lord, when You were always dear?

Forgive my every departure and every faithless tear.”

How dear the day that He was found 

when all His love did now abound.

With gentle arms and gentler breath, his body did His arms surround.

And so the introvert did weep, and asked the Lord his soul to keep

Waking with Him with each new day and foll’wing Him until he sleep.

How sweet the meekness of the story 

How great the shining of His glory

in this poor heart of man.

For he knew not that God did plan

yet in His arms he swiftly ran,

The tale ends well with God’s hand linked

and no longer back to darkness sinked

this poor young heart of mine.


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