Moon’s Eye View.

Warm coffee in hand, I stare out at the surface

of the lagoon that’s in sight, wonderin’ if it’s worth it

to let my mind sink deep into thoughts of contemplation

or risk losing myself in pensive devastation.

The moon is imposing tonight, the sky’s sigil

a lone eye that is searching the night, keeping vigil.

A sigh escapes me as I reflect on the day

and sip my coffee while watching the lake.

The people I’ve met who’ve been kind to a stranger

the vibe I experienced, a positive languor.

And yet I think ahead, looking into the future

feeling like a student living as a time commuter.

Lecture halls filled with usurpers of knowledge

in this sempiternal flux otherwise known as college.

Many students studying with a different pair of eyes

Each working hard to try and realize

His or her dream, whether it’s the fame or the cream

Life suddenly isn’t all that it may seem.

And so back to the present I come

As I on an empty cup quietly drum

I’m looking through the eyes of the many

And for my thoughts I wouldn’t take a penny

Because thoughts are my perception of what I know as true

And though I used to look at stars, now it’s just the moons I view.


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