Food Dilemma.

Over the course of the past four years or so, it seems like everything we Americans enjoy stuffing in our faces has actually grown more and more minuscule.  From bite size macarons (macaroons in some schools of culinary thought) to mini cheeseburgers, the average edible consumed has had its price raised and its portion reduced.  And we consumers (no pun intended) have been, ahem, eating it up.  Although I am rather partial to macarons, the issue isn’t with the quality of the food; indeed, it has actually gone back to the quantity of food.

For instance, today I found myself enjoying what is known as a donut peach in Asian culture – frequenters of 99 Ranch will surely know which fruit I am referring to.  It seemed like I had taken two bites of the succulent flesh before I realized I was staring into, or at, rather, the dark pit.  Although I had thoroughly enjoyed the flavor, aroma, texture, and juiciness of the peach, I found myself in the awkward position of being exceedingly unsatisfied.  The peach to the naked eye appeared to be of average girth and acceptable size, yet after eating it, it was extraordinarily disappointing.  If the peach began small, then I would not have expected much from it, but it deceived me in that way left me feeling confused and betrayed.  Being small, it would have been socially acceptable and I would not have felt as guilty about taking another.  However, it seemed large enough for a single peach to satisfy me; after finishing it, I found myself looking longingly at the other peaches, glowing on their pedestal.  But I was in a quandary indeed, for to take another peach that would certainly look as large to others as it did to me would be a complete and unashamed indulgence in my own personal greed.  And so I departed, unfulfilled and greatly depressed from this encounter with the donut peach, learning that despite our complaints about having too much food, it’s the quantity that really satisfies.  For no matter how good that peach was, I would have definitely preferred a more average tasting peach with more flesh to bite into than that one.  Just some food for thought for my readers.  Oh, the puns…it appears I’ve gotten a bit, er, fruitier, over the course of the summer.


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